For models

For models

Manicure 30 грн.
40 грн.
Gel polish
40 грн.
Removing gel polish
20 грн.
Gel polish design
10 - 15 грн.
Nail extension (gel)
100 грн.
Eyebrow tint
40 грн.
Eyelash tinting
30 грн.
Eyelash extensions 2D, 3D
100, 120 грн.
30 грн.
Waxing (one zone)
50 грн.

Requires models for manicure, pedicure, extensions in Kiev.

You, of course, know that manicure is the calling card of any woman. After all, the first thing they pay attention to is beautiful, well-groomed hands. We do not always have enough time or the ability to do a manicure on our own, and often there is not enough finance for expensive salon procedures.

We offer you nail care treatments almost for free. Beauty Studio "Anaitis" invites everyone to participate as a model for manicure and pedicure. What we can: hardware, classic cut manicure, European, gel manicure and much more. Pupils of our school professionally make you a stylish manicure, pedicure for a completely nominal price. In our arsenal there are many tools necessary for the care of the nails of the hands and feet. All procedures are performed using quality materials, sterile instruments. Students perform work under the clear guidance of our professional teachers. You will be in the safe hands of talented craftsmen.

It also requires a model for almost free nail, eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are performed in different techniques - classic, 2D, 3D. We will make your look charming and unforgettable.

All that is required of you is to call and sign up for procedures. We, in turn, with the best students of the school will make you perfect manicure, wonderful pedicure and beautiful expressive eyelashes. Good mood guaranteed as a gift.

For models

ANEYTIS studio has been teaching talented children to give people beauty for several years. Our school produces masters of manicure, pedicure. We teach the art of eyelash extensions. Most of our graduates successfully work in wired salons in Kiev. Now you have a unique opportunity to receive a portion of beauty from our students inexpensively. Prices for services are very affordable, because for us the main thing now is to show our skills. Perhaps it is in our school that you can find the best master for yourself and become his regular customer.

In the frenzied rhythm of Kiev, it is sometimes difficult to allocate time for yourself, all the more pathetic the time spent on the road. Our studio has a convenient location - Goloseevsky district (right bank).

All you have to do is choose a convenient time for yourself, call and agree with us on the record. We are waiting for you in the Anaitis salon, we will create beauty together.

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